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Our Value-Added Services

Since 1999, we have proudly served clients throughout North America with diverse liquid crystal display specifications. Our mutual success has been built on the time-honored hallmarks of high quality, dependable products, expert design and competitive pricing.

Through the past two decades, we have assisted our clients with every phase of their LCD manufacturing project from custom display design to LCD selection to daily manufacturing oversight to quality control and finally to inventory management. In addition to standard modules and panels, we have assisted with custom LCD applications for a variety of industries and end-uses.

For our clients with existing LCD design specifications and in-process manufacturing, we have worked closely to help develop custom solutions to further reduce the assembly and thus overall product costs. For example, we can facilitate mating standard LCD or custom LCD products with our clients existing PCB to reduce overall product cost. In one specific case, we were able to provide a 25% lower LCD module cost over their past manufacturer and, through PCB mating, we reduced the overall assembled cost by 50%. Furthermore, our manufacturing facilities can also handle complete product assembly of the entire product, as needed. We can source components from the BOM, commission a plastic molder, coordinate the various components, provide product assembly within China, and ship the finished product to a clients warehouse.

While some clients prefer that we direct ship from our LCD manufacturing facility in China to their assembly in China, we can also provide significant savings within North America by providing just-in-time inventory management through warehousing their product in our Charlotte, NCio, based facility. We can repackage smaller quantities and have daily shipping via UPS, FEDEX and common freight.

During the past two decades, we have facilitated the production of over 18M LCD modules and panels. We our large annual manufacturing orders, we can assist smaller clients with favorable cost by leveraging our purchasing power. In addition, we do offer some clients financing terms to assist with long-term product and delivery schedules.

At Liquid Crystal Images, we have a proven track record of high quality production and timely product delivery over tens of millions of LCDs with dozens of North America based clients. Let us bring our value-added services to bear on your next LCD design and manufacturing project: